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Project Description
MvcWebForm was a project to see if it was possible to use WebControls directly within an MVC View -- A lot of time and effort has been invested into creating WebControls and it seemed a shame to simply throw them all away.

This library allows you to use (limited) WebForms functionality within a view by creating postbacks, using client side validation and more.

I don't recommend using this a lot - In fact, I'm pretty sure this is illegal in some countries (not really...)

MVC should be used for MVC and WebForms for WebForms -- but if you simply must use a WebControl with a MVC View, then this code might help

Documentation and Samples

Original Blog Posts (series)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Example Website
Simple Postbacks
Using Events
MvcControlGroup (Using a Wizard Control)


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